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Mastercraft Kitchens Southland by Nigel Molloy Joinery

Before you embark on any home improvement project you need to carefully select your suppliers. Wrong choices can prove costly and may leave you with a job that falls well short of your aspirations. There are many reasons to choose Mastercraft Kitchens with Nigel Molloy Joinery

We bring the same creative flair, attention-to-detail, focus on quality materials, and precision installation to your kitchen — no matter how big or small. Our talented designers can work closely with you to create a kitchen concept that ticks all the boxes. Or bring us your ideas and let us turn your imagination into reality. Either way, the end result will be a masterpiece

Kitchens are surprisingly affordable and custom made for you

Our kitchens will generally cost the same or less than comparable big store kitchen packages. When you consider that we guide you through the process and install the kitchen for you, there’s much more value in a Mastercraft kitchen. Why do all the work and pay more for it?

Even if you can save a few dollars with a kitchen kitset, the installation of a kitchen is not as easy as some would have you think. If things go wrong you will end up spending extra time fixing the issue and possibly debating the problem with the retailer. Our skilled craftsmen install kitchens all the time and are naturally experts in getting it right

Designer Kitchens exclusively for you

We don’t use a cookie cutter approach to our customers’ kitchens. We will work with you to understand your wants, needs, and personality, and then design a kitchen uniquely for you and your home. With this approach, you are not restricted to fitting your home around your kitchen. Instead of having to put in ‘filler’ cabinets and sacrifice helpful space, you can get cabinets cut to fit the space available.

With a customised kitchen the choice of benchtops, cupboard doors, drawer systems, handles, and shelving is limitless.

We can also easily take design features of your kitchen and apply the same treatment to other areas of your home such as your bathrooms, office space, storage and fixed cabinets such as bookshelves and entertainment units

Locally designed, manufactured & installed Winton Invercargill Kitchens 

One benefit of having your kitchen produced locally – aside from supporting your local community – is that any alterations requiring factory work can often be completed in the same day. Many of our competitors source their kitchens from Asia which can result in significant delays to remedial work.

Another key benefit is that would  be happy to give you a tour of the factory while your kitchen is being made. This allows you to inspect the kitchen components prior to installation if you wish

View our Kitchen Look Books 

New Zealand kitchen design trends and inspiration from Mastercraft Kitchens feature in our Look Books

The books are packed full of stunning kitchens to inspire you, along with great ideas for how to get the most of your new kitchen. View the Kitchen Look Books by clicking this link  Mastercraft Kitchens Look Book 


Please feel free to contact us for any of your joinery questions and requirements, we would love to hear from you

We look forward to working with you to achieve your dream design!


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